Zjednoczenie Pozytywni w Tęczy

Zjednoczenie Pozytywni w Tęczy was founded in 2008 as an initiative of people living with HIV. At the very beginning it was thought to be an organization that would focus on helping the LGBTQ community, especially HIV-positive gay men. However, from the very beginning of its existence the organization has taken a number of educational and preventive activities  beyond the pre-defined target group.

Over the last years, Zjednoczenie has been focusing its activities on supporting persons living with HIV, creating support groups and building together with other organizations an integral system of support and help in Warsaw.

In 2010, Zjednoczenie was nominated by the National AIDS Centre (agency of the Ministry of Health) to the Red Ribbon Award 2010.

Our Team

There is a permanent team of employees (16 people) – due to the nature of the problems we deal with, most of them have a university degree (psychological or pedagogical) and certification for the NAC.

The organization currently has 37 active members. No employees with FTE, our people are employed temporarily on contracts / work within individual projects. Some people work on a volunteer basis. In projects we work with well-prepared volunteers – a fixed team of approx. 11 people.Accounting is carried out by one and the same person employed on a contract.


It collaborates with other NGOs in Poland, implementing different activities addressing people HIV+. It takes an active part in the works of the  Committee of Social Dialogue, Provincial Team on HIV & AIDS Prevention in the province ofMazowsze, as well as in the Consultative Body on MSM by the NAC.

We train the Team of Implementors– we organize internal trainings and participate in external courses. We run a volunteerprogrammeand an internship programme – we have signed an agreement with the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Life Sciences . We have initiateda Coalition of Organizations “Poland Plus” – aiming to integrate the activities concerning HIV in Poland.

Facilities and funding

We are renting from the City of Warsaw an office space, which was repaired by us – 115 m2, 5 rooms + bathroom, galley and toilet. This office is equipped with all the necessary office equipment, furniture and other accessories and kitchen appliances that enable the smooth running of the assistance activities. We are not engaged in any economic activity, any assistance is free of charge.

The programmes are financed by: the City of Warsaw (different city districts and departments), the National AIDS Centre, National Bureau of Drug Prevention, Provincial Government of Mazowsze, Public Benefit Fund, private sector, mainly donations and grants from pharmaceutical companies.

The Executive Board

Robert Piotr Łukasik – chairman
Dagmara Kraus – vice-chairman
Anna Omiecińska – secretary
Bartosz Karolak – treasurer
Roman Latoszyński – member